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Buy, sell and trade to your heart’s content using Bermuda’s newest and most user-friendly classified site is ready to take your buying experience to greater heights with this exciting app. Whether you’re selling your grandfather’s old boat or a new, never-been-worn outfit, has hundreds of awesome finds, from East to West, to explore, bid on and enjoy.

Different from other Bermuda based classified sites, transports Island residents out of the dinosaur years and into 2017. Its sleek and clean design makes it easy to search for items you need. 

Rather than wasting your precious cell phone minutes calling sellers, you can chat directly with them straight from the app. You also have the option of bartering – i.e. your shoes for their necklace – as long as it’s a fair trade. 

In a rush to sell your old car, bike or living room sofa? gives you the option of sponsoring your post so it’s more prominent to visitors online and on the app.    

Created specifically for use on your phone, this product makes it easier for you to take pictures of your once beloved treasures and post them online in a matter of seconds. No more hassle of waiting to upload images onto your computer. We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to get what you want – and get on with your day.